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The Science of Performance

Isolation tanks are used by a wide range of sportsmen and sportswomen. NFL teams like the Philadelphia Eagles have used them with documented success. Olympic teams from Australia, to Sweden to the UK have used them to train athletes. UFC fighters use isolation tanks. Many elite athletes all over the world have isolation tanks at their house for anytime use including Wayne Rooney of Manchester United.

There are a few key reasons why floatation can help you dominate your sport:

  1. You heal faster in the tank due to weightlessness, increased circulation, and the anti-inflammatory qualities of the epsom salt.
  2. Visualization is a truly effective technique to dominate your sport. Whether you’re tweaking a golf swing, or visualizing your jumpshot or running form – visualizing your triumph is a very effective training technique. The Isolation tank is the best environment for this practice.
  3. In the isolation tank you have the ability either wash-away a poor performance or focus on the positives of your latest.
  4. In a floatation session, you can elevate your mental state through increased confidence, concentration, calmness and poise.
man floating in a pod. | Cocoon Float Pods | Bellevue
Reduces muscle tension
Improves athletic performance through visualization
Speeds physical healing and recovery
Relaxed muscles heal faster
Used by Australian, British, and Chilean olympic teams
Utilized by elite athletes, including Wayne Rooney and Pat Healy
Anti-gravity relieves joint pressure
Lowers blood pressure and cortisol
Rapid elimination of fatigue
Ideal for managing back pain
Reduces swelling, detoxifies, and increases endorphins

Perform at your best.