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The Science of Soothing

Pain and pain management as a subject is a delicate one. Most people experience bodily or emotional pain on a daily basis, but many don’t have the tools to deal with it. Isolation tanks are thought of by pain sufferers as the most effective natural tool for pain management. Sufferers of chronic pain, pain from injury, migranes, post operative pain, fibromyalgia etc… claim that a regular floatation practice profoundly improves their pain.

How? One reason is beta-endorphines – produced by the brain to make you feel good and help decrease pain and are likely the reason for the “runners-high.” Such endorphines are produced in deep states of relaxation – and this is where your body goes to work healing itself.

How else? Isolation tanks are hugely useful in the mental and emotional aspect of managing pain without medication. Floaters learn implicitly how to address their pain and strain because they have time to themselves. The isolation gives the floater time to think about themselves, their pain, causes of their pain, and most importantly some solutions.

How else? Inside the isolation tank, the floater eventually loses bodily awareness (attachment to the body). The reticular activating system or RAS of the brain – the part responsible for alerting the body and managing arousal level – turns its attention from external stimuli to the internal. This changing of directed attention inward – creates a feeling of disconnectedness with the body – thus alleviating pain. The isolation tank as a pain management tool is something that needs to shouted from the rooftops… because its natural, fun, inexpensive and most importantly effective.

Woman in a float pod | Cocoon Float Pods | Bellevue
Highly effective in managing arthritis, back pain, sports injuries, and pregnancy discomfort
Greatly improves many chronic pain conditions
Reduction in the stress hormone cortisol from utilizing an isolation tank has been linked to weight loss
Relieves pain and emotional stress for fibromyalgia patients
The combination of weightlessness and rest creates an ideal environment for pain relief
Provides natural traction for a wide range of spine related injuries

Get some soothing comfort in your life.